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Thursday, 07 May 2020 17:00

COVID-19 Update for 5/7/2020

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Here are today's COVID-19 Statistics for Thursday May 7, 2020.



Positive Cases Reported - 476 

Related Deaths - 19

Recovered Patients - 305

Negative Test Results - 6,639



Total Cases Reported - 581

Total Related Deaths Reported - 28

Total Recovered Patients Reported - 465



Reported Cases - 155

Active Cases - 66

Recovered Patients - 86

Related Deaths - 3




STOCKTON - A goose that was found with a serious wing injury and shooting wound was rushed to an emergency vet by Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary, a local non-profit animal rescue.

The goose was found in the Quail Lake area along the water line and had a severe wing injury. A Good Samaritan contacted the rescue group after she noticed the animal and its injuries. After an unsuccessful attempt to rescue the wounded animal Tuesday night, the bird was coaxed into care Wednesday morning.

The bird went straight into emergency surgery. The injuries to its wing were described as grotesque and a mystery as to how they happened.

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"The bird's wing was dangling and necrotic," said Christine Morrissey with Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary. The cause of the injuries remained a mystery. "We don't know if she was attacked by a dog, had fishing line twisted around her wing or was in a boating accident."

Unfortunately, doctors at the Medical Center for Birds in Oakley decided to amputate the badly injured wing. After further examination, it was also discovered that the bird had been shot with a pellet-type weapon with the projectile lodged in the bird's breast.

Morrissey said the goose is a hybrid bird between a domestic and wild bird which is unnatural. These type of animals are typically the result of domestic animals abandoned in the wild. 

Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit animal rescue group that provides life-long care for abused and neglected farm animals and provides education to the public about human animal care and practices. For more information visit

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TRACY - Employees at Amazon's Tracy Fulfillment Center reportedly left their duties this week after receiving notifications that two more workers tested positive for COVID-19, and one passed away.

Employees first reached out to CVTV April 17th after being notified that an employee tested positive for COVID-19 in the OAK4 building. Yesterday CVTV was contacted again saying they were verbally notified of the recent circumstances at the facility.

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The employee who reached out to CVTV on condition of anonymity said their shift had over 50 employees in the department, but once they were notified workers began to leave.

"We are short handed now working extra hard, and I'm questioning what I'm still doing here honestly. The atmosphere is quiet," the employee said. Initially in the first case, employees said they felt relatively safe working and appreciated Amazon's transparency. 

"I'm actually nervous now and wondering if it's even worth coming," the employee said. 

The employee was told that they were allowed to leave without getting in trouble, but also without pay.

Another employee wrote to CVTV to express their concern in the company's hiring process, saying that at times some workers are standing by and waiting for work assignments, making physical distancing difficult.

In the copy of the previous email obtained by CVTV, Amazon communicated to employees that the site had "undergone enhanded cleaning" since the discovery of the first COVID-19 positive test, and that social distancing was mandatory. The company also encouraged anyone to stay home who felt ill.

"We understand that you may be nervous about coming to work. Individuals will not be penalized for any absences."

Amazon released the following statement regarding the death:

"We are saddened by the loss of an associate at our site in Tracy, California. His family and loved ones are in our thoughts, and we are supporting his fellow colleagues in the days ahead."

Amazon went on to say the employee last worked April 1st with no reported symptoms. When they were made aware of his passing, the company immediately contacted his family to extend their support, and also communicated his passing to associates in the building.

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TRACY - An email sent to employees of the Tracy Amazon Fulfillment Center reports one of their employees recently tested positive for COVID-19.

The email was sent to us on condition of anonymity by the employee for fear of retaliation. The email reads in part “We want to let you know we have a confirmed case of COVID-19 at OAK4. The affected associate’s last day on site was April 13, 2020, and consistent with our daily processes, the site has undergone enhanced cleanings since the associate’s last day.”

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The employee who sent us a copy of the email stated that although they were nervous about the news, they felt very safe with Amazon’s response and transparency with the situation.

The email went on to say social distancing was mandatory, and they are strictly following CDC guidelines and encourage anyone to stay home if they feel ill.

“We understand that you may be nervous about coming to work. Individuals will not be penalized for any absences. And, if you feel sick please STAY home.”




Saturday, 11 April 2020 19:53

Riverbank Subway Offers Groceries to the Public

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RIVERBANK - A local Subway restaurant is offering a unique alternative for those who may not have time to rush to a busy grocery store.

Tanmeet Singh Randhawa is owner of the Riverbank Subway at 2226 Patterson Road. This week, he and a handful of other Subway owners held a virtual meeting to figure out a solution to the stockpile of produce, and a way to meet consumer needs.

"If someone walks in to a grocery store, they may not find the tomatoes or avocados they need," Randhawa said. This is where the idea for came from. Randhawa's Riverbank restaurant is the first location in Northern California to offer the service. Local residents can shop for their essential grocery needs online and pick it up as a curbside service at the restaurant.

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So far there are about five states that are participating, according to Randhawa, and a few customers have begun taking advantage of the service at his location. To get an idea on pricing, tomatoes sell for about $.40 cents each, cucumbers are $.75 cents each, and a loaf of fresh baked bread is about $1.50 each. The soups have been the most popular item selling so far. Meats and cheeses vary in prices.

"There are no lines for waiting, like at a grocery store." Randhawa said.

Another popular feature on the website are the sub donations for first responders. Those interested in showing support to those in the medical, fire or law enforcement fields can contribute a $5 donation, or purchase a sandwich platter with sides for $50.

To start an order, visit, and enter your zipcode to choose a location. Hours of operation are from 10:00am to 8:00pm.

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Friday, 10 April 2020 17:30

Stanislaus County Reports First COVID-19 Death

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STANISLAUS COUNTY - Officials with Stanislaus County Public Health reported the first death related to COVID-19 Friday afternoon.

Authorities identified the patient only as an adult male with underlying medical conditions.

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Dr. Julie Vaishampayan, Stanislaus County Public Health Officer, offered her condolences to the family and loved ones of the patient. She also urged for the public to continue pacticing social distancing to combat the spread of the virus.

As of Friday, 116 residents of Stanislaus County were tested positive with COVID-19. There have been 59 patients who recovered, and 2,212 who tested negative for the virus.

Officials strictly recommend the public to only leave the home for medical supplies or groceries, and encourage those over the age of 65 to have someone pick items up for them. Avoiding interactions in the general public is also recommended. Hand washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds can kill the virus. Using sanitizer with 60% alcohol for 20 seconds is also recommended. It is also recommended to limit contact with those who are sick, maintain at least six feet of distanc from others, and regularly clean and disinfect surfaces that are frequently touched.

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Wednesday, 22 January 2020 04:04

Veterinary Center Damaged by Fire

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TURLOCK - Several fire crews responded to a report of a fire at a veterinary hospital early Wednesday morning.

The fire was dispatched at about 4:00am on the 1300 block of South First Street. Arriving fire crews reported heavy fire from behind a building.



A second alarm was quickly called to bring additional resources to the scene. An investigator responded as well to determine the cause.

Early reports indicate a storage unit on the property was well engulfed in fire, threatening the main building and one additional structure.

No further details were available at time of publication.


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