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Sunday, 06 May 2018 12:21

Man Dies Following Altercation with Sheriff Deputies

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Man Dies Following Altercation with Sheriff Deputies

MODESTO - A 38 year old man who was involved in an altercation with Stanislaus County Sheriff Deputies died while in custody Saturday.

At about 10:30am, the man flagged down deputies to the parking lot of the Country Girl Truck Stop on South 7th Street indicating something was wrong with his truck. Deputies later learned the vehicle was unregistered and notified the man he would be receiving a citation. Authorities said the man became upset and began fighting with deputies. Additional deputies responded and the man was taken into custody.

Authorities say that as the man was transported by a deputy to a local hospital to be medically cleared, he became unresponsive. Hospital staff provided medical care to the man, but he later died.

The Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office and District Attorney’s Office are investigating the incident to determine the events leading up to the man’s death. An autopsy is pending and the identity of the man was not released by officials.

Authorities are asking anyone with information regarding this case to contact Detective Carter at (209) 525-7075.

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  • Guest - Ray Goodwin

    Moral of the story, NEVER,EVER, ask for police for assistance. It could escalate in to something deadly. Now a common occurrence across the good ole USA DO NOT ASK for welfare checks on friends or family. These sometimes result in deaths of your love ones.

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  • Guest - Ray Goodwin

    I haven't seen any more news about the 38 yr. old that was murdered Sat. by the sheriff deputies.

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  • Guest - Stephanie Ruiz

    Rated 1 out of 5 stars

    MPD has some explaining to do. How many more incidents will it take til these deputies are retrained.

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  • Guest - Kristin W.

    Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    Are you guys insane? Why would you think our boys in blue need to explain themselves for getting someone medical attention that needed it? They are not responsible for what someone ingests into their veins prior to their arrival or their underlying medical conditions. I certainly won't deny there has been some really wrong things that have happened with some officers in other areas lately but lets not forget those officers who are hurt, maimed and killed in the course of their duty to keep order. IE the sheriff gunned down in cold blood last year at a routine car stop at Fox Grove and many more.

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