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Friday, 16 August 2019 14:28

Parents Concerned Over AC Outage at Elementary School

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Parents Concerned Over AC Outage at Elementary School

MODESTO - Parents have expressed growing concern over a broken air conditioning unit in a kindergarten class at Stockard-Coffee Elementary School, especially with triple digit weather this week.


One parent reached out to CVTV Thursday saying her child was on day 4 this week without air conditioning. By 12:00pm Thursday the temperatures had reached 104 degrees. The parent said she was not notified of the situation, and that the teacher had reported the issue to the district office. 


The parent, who wished to remain anonymous, said that she was told the district was waiting on a part for repair. She said her child’s class was moved to a portable classroom, but felt that it was not set up for kindergarten teaching, and that the issue has been ongoing since before this week.

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“We wouldn’t have known if it weren’t for back to school night,” the parent said. “I know some of the children in the class are asthmatic also.”


Debra Hendricks, Superintendent for Sylvan Union School District responded to an inquiry on the situation with the following statement.


“Yes, we have had issues with one air conditioning unit. We have had staff and outside services identify the problem. We have and will continue to move students and the teacher to an air conditioned area of the school campus, if need be, until we are able to fix or replace the unit.”


With temperatures expected to reach 104 again Friday and remain in the 90’s next week, parents are still worried and upset that something wasn’t done sooner.


“The parents were never notified about the conditions during this time,” the parent continued.


“The classroom change was made ONLY after several complaints by parents to the district.”


She feels the district neglected the issue, were slow to make arrangements for students and failed to communicate the situation to parents.




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  • Guest - Bobbi Dalton

    Rated 2 out of 5 stars

    So the AC is out in one room so they make accommodations for your child and that's not good enough for you that's sad. My child has also been without ac in his classroom all week at his school as well and I know there are asthmatic kids in has class too his school has made accommodations for them also and in their school the only space available to use other than their classroom is the gym/cafeteria and I wasn't notified by the school either and I'm satisfied as a paren not protesting causing more disruption. What do you expect them to do snap their fingers and the issue is solved or maybe you wanted them to cancel school till it gets fixed, non-sense the problem is being dealt with. Deal with it or maybe you could pay to have it done immediately.

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