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Guest - Judy Hill
Great job by SWAT! Thanks.
Guest - Dulce
What warehouse is this
Guest - Doris
street. I could tell he was going over the speed limit. My friend even said... I hope this person do...
Guest - Erin Jones
How do I find out if my dirt bike was recovered from this incidents?
Guest - Joe
Great reporting, does the restaurant have a name?
Guest - Patty Siegman
I know all of the parties that are involved in this homicide. I know the victim's father, and I know...
Guest - Patty Siegman
I know the victims father and I know the alleged murderer. I know them only because they have lived ...
Guest - George lopes
Feee the homie Lil Chito
Guest - Pat Felipe
His partner was not the first two respond. As I’m aware that two men from the Newman fire depart wer...
Guest - Mark Mark
"In Modesto, several residents stood in their yards and streets observing the launch."

Guest - Linda
Should include mug shots of the suspects.
Guest - CH
This is just the back of the house, not the front.
Guest - Guido Parks
The City, more particularly the police department, killed downtown development over the years. Every...
Guest - Kristin W.
Are you guys insane? Why would you think our boys in blue need to explain themselves for getting so...
Guest - Stephanie Ruiz
MPD has some explaining to do. How many more incidents will it take til these deputies are retrained...
Guest - Ray Goodwin
I haven't seen any more news about the 38 yr. old that was murdered Sat. by the sheriff deputies.
Guest - Ray Goodwin
Moral of the story, NEVER,EVER, ask for police for assistance. It could escalate in to something de...
Guest - NikkiG
It’s so sad how some people these days have no fear or feelings about committing cold blooded murder...
Guest - Hater
We know person who did this